Americans celebrate Thanksgiving every year in November. They have a big meal together. They eat turkey and vegetables.

Thanksgiving began nearly 400 years ago. People from England went t olive in North America. They were called piligrims. They wanted to start a new life in a new country, but life was difficult for them because they didn´t know anything about their new country. They couldn´t grow food or build homes very well. A lot of the pilgrims were very sick.

One day in the spring, the piligrims met two Native Americans called Squanto and Samoset. They taught the piligrims how to grow food and build homes. By the fall, the piligrims were happy. They had food for the Winter and warm homes. They wanted tos ay thank you to their Native American friends. They invited three of them and their families to a special meal. The piligrims were amazed when ninety people arrived. The Native Americans had very big families! This was the first Thanksgiving dinner.

What do Americans eat at Thanksgiving?

When did Thanksgiving begin?

Why was life difficult for the piligrims?

What did Squanto and Samoset teach the piligrims?

Why were there a lot of people at the first Thanksgiving dinner?